Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Hangover

The day after Christmas often feels like a bad hangover. Your head feels fuzzy because you are still sleep deprived from staying up late Christmas Eve and getting up a few minutes hours later. You are stuffed from all the ham, turkey, masked potatoes, sweet potato pie, stuffing, green bean casserole, pies, cakes cookies and candies you consumed yesterday (those were free calories, correct?). Your house usually resembles a tornado of toys, books and gifts. Where do you start to clear a path at?

Here are some highlights from the BIG moments on Christmas.

FINALLY a MAC! MINE, I tell you, MINE!
After 900 boxes (not really, but close)
Poppy FINALLY got her iPod!

"Ever since the first time I laid eyes on
her, she is all I wanted!" - Yang
about the newest American Girl Doll
Caroline (1812 era.)

We spent sometime with my bestie on Christmas Eve. Here J-Bug is giving Yang her Christmas present. Tamara and I had a great chuckle. J-Bug and Yang say they are married and have been asking for their own house, so............

....ask and you shall receive!

So with today been a rainy cold mess we've stayed in and worked on their house!


Oshwott our flat traveler from the United Kingdom even helped out!

Yang, Caroline & I played a game of SORRY!

We played Phase 10 for Kids

When I stayed with Tamara a few weeks ago she got me hooked on this game. I have since bought myself the original card game, the dice version and now the kids version for Yang. Very addicting!

And then it was naptime!

Tomorrow it's Lego Friends which should be interesting as Yang has never played with "girl" Lego's before!! We shall see how she likes them! A tea party for Caroline and Yang, with Yang's new tea set. Sea Monkeys and Campbell's Soup Alphabet Dice Game. I love sneaking in some educational game play!

So, what was your Christmas like? How about your post-Christmas? Did you get anything you really wanted?  Hubby bought me a new camera that is smaller for everyday use that I can carry in my purse. He also bought me a new storage caddy for our school and art supplies. Now, to get him to put it together! ; )

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