Book Reviews

Below you will find the links to books that I have reviewed on my blog.

Poppy the Proud by Emlyn Chand

Honey the Hero by Emlyn Chand

Davey the Detective by Emlyn Chand

Tommy Goes Trick-Or-Treating by Emlyn Chand

Vicky Finds a Valentine by Emlyn Chand

Rob Seablue and the Eye of Tantalus by Russ Hasan

Murder by Prophecy by Gary Kassay

 Nate Rocks the World by Karen Pokras Toz

Nate Rocks the Boat by Karen Pokras Toz

Nate Rocks the School by Karen Pokras Toz

Fox and Rabbit's Garden (A Tale of the Rabbit-less Stew) by Laurel Heger

An Easter Bonnet for Lilly by Jodi Stone

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