Disclosure Policy

When doing a review there are times that I do receive a free product so that I can write an honest review. I will not write a review for a product that my family and I have not personally used and/or read. All the words of my actual review are solely mine or those of my family. There are also times that I do a review and I did not receive anything for the review. I do them because I want to inform my readers.

Through blogging I have formed friendships with other bloggers and/or companies. Just because I have a friendship with a blogger and/or company does not mean that I will A) promote their blog/product solely because of friendship B) post a review that was persuaded by said friendship. 

I do use affiliate links on my blog, and I do receive a small compensation when you click on those links, and/or purchase something through those links. All funds that I gain through affiliate links are used for our homeschooling journey - pencils, paper, ink, crayons, curriculum, field trips and more. I assure you I am not out to get rich off my blog and my followers.

I want to assure all of my followers that I would never sell any of your information. Should you ever have any questions and/or concerns I encourage you to reach out to me via email at mariettahomeschoolingzoo@gmail.com

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