Sunday, December 23, 2012

Merry Christmas

This holiday season I have seen some major strides in growing up within Yang. While we where out running errands a few weeks back I handed her the coins from my change at each stop. When we would get back in the van she would put it in the cup holder so she wouldn't lose it. While pulling up to Kroger she asked me why the people stand outside in the cold ringing that loud bell. I explained to her that The Salvation Army helps those that are less fortunate during the holidays. In fact, it is one thing I make sure I donate to each & every year because of the gracious help we received when I was a child after the sudden lose of my baby brother. While I was 5 at the time and had no idea until I was much older, The Salvation Army will always hold a special place in my heart. As we got out of the van I noticed Yang gathering some change. I figured she wanted to buy something in Kroger, but instead as we walked hand in hand, she looked up at me and said, "It is nice to give" and in her coins went into that little - yet wonderful red kettle

She surprised me again as we worked on her Christmas letter, asking for gifts for her sisters, a book to teach her to wrap very nice like her Mommy, and for this to be the very best Christmas. I asked her what it meant to have the best Christmas. She said it means to be happy, having your family there, being with friends, and giving presents to those we love. My baby girl is growing up (tear).

I want to start something new here in the upcoming New Year. Each Saturday I would like to highlight one blog. Give some info, share a post from their blog, list any giveaways they have going on and most importantly - link you up to their blog. Fill out this short questionnaire for your chance at Saturday Blog Hollar.

And last, but most certainly not least - I want to wish each and everyone of my followers a very Merry Christmas! May your hearts be full of the love and joy of Christmas as you spend time with your loved ones. 

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  1. Oh, so you had to pass on the insightful heart. Every Mother loves witnessing their child's growth, especially when it entails what I call the "insightful heart". I have watched your's develop layer upon layer over the years and watched as you have instilled it in your own daughters. I would like to publicly thank you for this awesome 'full circle' gift! No Mother could ask for more! Merry Christmas, baby girl. And to all the rest, whatever way you share this season, may you and yours share hugs and smiles!