Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Magic School Bus - The Human Body & Adverbs

As you know we have been learning about the human body & working on our Human Body lapbook from Homeschool Share. Last night we watched a Magic School Bus video about the human body and then completed a short Q & A from Scholastic. Super proud of Yang. She scored a 7 out of 8!

The book Blood & Guts that I ordered last week arrived yesterday and we started working in it today. We filled in some of the missing parts that we had already added to our lapbook.

We listened to an audio book of the Magic Tree House book Thanksgiving on Thursday.

Poppy and I are working on adjectives, predicate adjective and adverbs this week. She grasped adjectives very quickly but no we are stranded on a dead end street with adverbs. We've had to go beyond the K12 curriculum and work on some supplemental work to help her getting a better understanding of adverbs.

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