Sunday, November 18, 2012

Christopher Columbus Lapbook and Link Up

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We originally did this lapbook Nov. 18, 2012. I have since added some additional links to complete the lapbook, correct some picture placement and added a link up, all in time for Columbus Day.

Tomorrow (11/19/12) we are going to tour replicas of The Nina and Pinta. So today we did a mini lesson and lapbook on Columbus. Since Owlet and Poppy had attended public school for several years I did not feel there was a real need to study Columbus back in October. Yang and I went over some of the common basic facts about Columbus, read a little poem about Columbus, copied some common words associated with Columbus and his voyage to the New World and watched some videos.

Poppy's Lapbook

For Poppy's lapbook I did a lot of piecing together of things I found online. Since I used lots of different lapbooks, unit studies and journaling pages, I created a pinterest board to go along with our lapbooks we made. ENJOY!

Poppy working on facts about Columbus' 2nd voyage.

On the left:
The cover of Poppy's lapbook.

On the right:
Page 1
Facts about 1492
and a map of Columbus' 1st voyage

Cover from Marine Corps Nomad

Most think Columbus took one voyage and ended up in the Americas. He actually made 4 trips across the Atlantic Ocean from Spain - 1492, 1493, 1498 and 1502, and as you see he actually landed in several different islands in the present day Caribbean.

Photo and facts of Christopher Columbus on left.

Facts about Columbus' 2nd voyage and parts of a ship on right.

Yang's Lapbook
For the majority of Yang's lapbook we used this free Christopher Columbus Mini Pack from 3 Dinosaurs.

Yang working on gluing her pieces to her lapbook.

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