Friday, February 8, 2013

American Girl History Month

Sorry I've been sort of AWOL lately. I've had a lot going on.

Sunday Poppy, Yang & I went sledding. I've only been sledding once before when I was about 13 & we went to visit my Dad's side of the family in Michigan. I'd forgotten what fun it was, and that as far as you go down - is as far as you have to walk back up that icy, snowy hill!

Monday the girls and I went to a local pottery place with our homeschool group. Poppy & Yang had both visited before with my Mother, but this was the first time Owlet had ever been. They are all very excited to go back next week and pick up their master pieces!

This month will begin our unit study on the American Girl doll Kaya. We will be doing a 6 week unit study from Girls of American History. Kaya is a Nimiipuu, known today as Nez Perce Indians, and her story takes place in 1764.

Today we began reading the first book in the series about Kaya, Meet Kaya.In chapter 1 Kaya is traveling with her Mother, Father, twin brothers, older sister and "adopted" sister to visit family. Kaya is boastful about how fast her horse can run when Raven & Fox Tail challenge her to a race. She has been reminded that our actions speak louder than our words, and not to be boastful, but Kaya takes to boys up on a race. Steps High, Kaya's horse, is slow to start but quickly overtakes the boys when Steps High begins to buck. Kaya holds on & Raven quickly grabs the reins and pulls her to a stop. You'd think Kaya learned her lesson when she finds herself in another race, on foot this time, with Fox Tail. He takes off into the forest, and she attempts to follow. It's not long before she stops to try and locate the sound of the river so she may find herself back. Kaya hears a twig snap & quickly whirls around. She thinks she sees someone duck behind a tree but is unsure. Was it the Stick People? Kaya knows the Stick People can be cunning, crafty and strong - when a flock of jays caw & take flight. It sounds as if they are saying "Forgot!" "Forgot!" What could it be that she forgot? Her brothers! She left them in the care of Speaking Rain - her "adopted" sister that is blind. Her brothers are only 4 winters old and are the perfect age for mischief. She knows she much get back to the river to find them, and quickly. Before she leaves she leaves a gift for the Stick People so she does not anger them.

We will be leaving in the late hours of the 24th/wee hours of the 25th to head home for a visit with my Dad in sunny Florida. It will certainly be a change in weather! I miss my Dad, home, the sun and the sand, but I definitely love the seasons of the north.

I think Yang is the most excited for our upcoming trip, as she has never been to Florida before. It has been almost 8 years since Owlet & Poppy where in Florida last. Yang is super excited to go to the beach and find sea shells, as she is a rock collecting fool!

What are you studying this week? Or if do you do monthly unit studies, what are you studying this month? When we get back we will be starting a mini co-op and studying dinosaurs. If you have anything dino related I'd love for you to share it with us on our facebook wall, or in the comments below. 

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