Friday, January 25, 2013

Homeschool Swapping Adventures

Looking for a fun and educational way to learn about other countries, or even other states? Come check out Homeschool Swapping Adventures on facebook. Each month there are Flat Stanley type swaps, holiday card swaps, funny fact post card swaps and more.

Yang's traveler is a giraffe named Zuri, in memory of the baby giraffe from the Cincinnati Zoo. Poppy's traveler is her favorite animal, an elephant named Elly. Owlet has the Gryndorf shield but isn't to interested in swaps. Each month we look for a swap partner. We mail our traveler, passport, journal page and questionnaire for the hosting family to fill out about the area they live in. 

Owlet & Yang with Flat Brittani & Princess Sophia
 Zuri's first visit was to Georgia. This swap was enough to make me throw the towel in but with some great support we carried on. In the end things turned out okay and Yang received a cute giraffe shirt! Zuri's next stop was Tennessee and she had a BLAST while we hosted Princess Sophia. We received enough photos to fill a small handheld photo album! Zuri got to visit the zoo, went shopping, to the dentist and out to eat. Our hostess sent us a cool snow globe magnet from the Knoxville Zoo, a postcard, and a magnet in the shape of a giraffe.
Zuri at the Knoxville Zoo in Tennessee

Right now Zuri is in the UK. She has been there since November and will return at the end of February. Most swaps are a month long, and international swaps are two months. It really is up to the pairs to determine the actually length of the swap.

Zuri took a trip around Europe

While Zuri is in the UK we are hosting Oshwott. He is a cute Pokemon then has been having a ball!

Yang and Oshwott during a birthday party at McDonalds

Steve sat in on Poppy online math lesson
Currently Elly is in Missouri and Steve has come to hang out with us for a while. This is both Elly & Steve's first swap. We attempted to swap Elly with someone in Alaska but unfortunately they Ellynapped her. After 2 months of our swap partner saying she was mailing us her traveler she was asked to return Elly and freaked out blocking the admins for the group and myself. Unfortunately, from time to time you will run across a bad swap. It really is sad because the adults set up the swaps and never take into consideration that children that have invested their time and heart are involved. I'm sure some are wondering why I would mention this. Well it is simple, it's the truth. I know when we first started that I never imaged that something like this would happen. Luckily, we have some awesome admins in the group that have recently done some revamping to hopefully weed those out that are not interested in participating.

I look forward to seeing where are travelers take us. It's fun seeing all the things our travelers have done while visiting other families and learning about their adventures.

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