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Murder by Prophecy by Gary Kassay Review & Giveaway

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What would you do if you had been falsely imprisoned and if while in prison your wife and your children had been brutally murdered? Samuel Maxwell, the Prophet, decides to spend his time plotting out his plan for revenge against the greedy men responsible..

The Prophet stops at nothing to avenge the deaths. Will Inspector Duke Becker and his squad from Special Investigations Homicide be able to stop the Prophet and the reasons behind the killings before more die? 


Gary L. Kassay born on March 20, 1956 in the Bronx, New York.  He married his high school sweetheart, Eileen on May 6, 1978.  Gary & Eileen had two children, Jason Kassay born March 30, 1980 and Samantha Kassay born January 6, 1986.  Eileen Kassay passed away on May 14, 2003.

Gary worked as an x-ray tech for six years at Brooklyn Hospital and then joined the New York City Police Department, Transit Police. Hr trained for the K-9 unit and worked until injured in the line of duty forcing early retirement.  Gary then worked in the field of commercial photography. Starting in customer service, then becoming the assistant manager, manager and then with two partners buying Diversified Photo located on Long Island
Although retired at the time, worked Ground Zero after 9/11 for several weeks.

In 2004, Gary left the business to two partners and moved to North Carolina  where he met his second wife Raella. They married on September 10, 2005 in Maui, Hawaii. Gary worked for Homeland Security as a TSA officer, and then as a Lieutenant for Guilford County in charge of the Social Services Building. 

In 2008  he moved to Casper Wyoming where he currently resides.


Twitter: @GaryKassay


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My Review 4 Stars

When I first began reading Murder in Prophecy I was not aware that it was actually book 2 in the Duke Becker series. After reading chapter 1, I decided that I wanted to read book 1, Murder in Silence. I wanted to make sure that there would be no gaps in the story. While I now feel I could have read Murder in Prophecy without reading Murder in Silence, I was very happy that I didn't! It was very hard to put either book down, and I in fact had read both in 3 short evenings. I know that I will definitely be reading both books again, and soon I'm sure!

In Murder in Silence, Inspector Duke Becker of the Special Investigations Homicide team, is a single bachelor with no intentions of settling down. While trying to solve a case were officers are having their throats ripped out by any mysterious animal, he meets a very attractive veterinarian, Dr. Elizabeth Cunningham. Things seem to be going in the right direction when Duke is attacked just before he is suppose to meet Dr. Cunningham for a very romantic date.

Murder in Prophecy, takes place right were Murder in Silence leaves off, which I personally prefer. I hate when the book picks up 2 years later. Duke & Elizabeth have been happily wed and are enjoying their honeymoon on the beautiful beaches of Maui. But the real world is calling and Duke must return to work. It isn't long after Duke returns that Chief Rockwell, a hotshot from Boston, receives a mysterious letter.

Just four year prior Samuel had been falsely imprisoned, resulting in him loosing everything - his beloved wife and children. Samuel is now a free man and means to seek revenge on all those that are behind all his grief. Samuel has been coined The
Prophet from his artful letters. It is now up to Inspector Duke, and his team to stop Samuel before it is to late but it is going to be a hard job since the Chief won't cooperate. His team must figure out who Samuel is after, and why.

The Prophet is careful, meticulous in fact in all that he does. From the letters he writes, to his identity, to the murders. It seems that Duke and his team are always one step by The Prophet. Will they ever be able to get ahead? 

 As with Murder in Silence, Gary has left us with a great cliff hanger at the end, and boy is it a good one! I can't wait to see how the tale unfolds with Inspector Becker and his new life that awaits him.

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DISCLAIMER: I was given a free copy of the book from the author for an open and honest review. All opinions - good, bad or indifferent are mine!


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