Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Human Body Lapbook

Currently we are using K12 with Yang but that will be changing with the upcoming Christmas break. Her last day will be the day before break, and at that time we will be doing our own thing. To prepare, we have been doing lapbooks and so far so good. I dislike all the printing and cutting but Yang likes to carry things around with her that she has worked on so I know these will be great.

Today we started working on the human body. We found a great lapbook over at Homeschool Share. Since K12 provides our curriculum we started using it for today's lesson. I've ordered Blood & Guts & Smart Lab's Squishy Human Body , and they should be in by Friday.

We started off with talking about the skeletal & muscular system. We went over the importance of bones and muscles, how they are attached & work together, and joints. We added No Bones About It, Types of Bones and Mighty Muscles to our lapbook. 

Here is our agenda for the rest of the week:

Wednesday - *The Digestive System
                      *The Circulatory & Respiratory System (Depending on what I can find on the respiratory system we may talk about this particular system on for a few days. Yang & her sisters all have mild sports asthma. Their father & Nanny - my Mom - have COPD.)
                       *The Circulatory Game 

Thursday - Therapy day. Yang will have OT in the morning, intervention after lunch and speech in the afternoon. We will continue any unfinished work.

Friday - The Nervous System

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