Monday, November 12, 2012

Flat Travelers

We have attempted to participate in a flat traveler swap. We found a great group on facebook, Homeschool Swapping Adventures but our first swap was a flop. We found a match, sent our traveler out and waited to receive a traveler in return. We waited, and then waited some more. Finally after several weeks I contact one of the group admins and explained what was going on. She offered to contact the individual to see what was going on. No response. So I sent her a message asking for our traveler back as we where looking to actually "swap" with someone. She seemed upset, and perhaps even insulted that I would ask for our traveler back. I understand life happens. Things come up that are out of our control. Never once did she ever say, Hey, we've had a situation. I apologize, we will get it sent out ASAP. Or that due to certain circumstances they would not be able to participate and would be sending our traveler back to us. With appearing that she would be sending our traveler back to us we made arraignments to swap with an adorable little girl from Tennessee. I had spoken with her mother about our previous ordeal and she assured me that Zuri (our traveler) would be in good hands. Since we had not received our original traveler back we made up and new one and sent Zuri on her way to Tennessee.
While Zuir #2 was having fun in Tennessee we where having lots of fun with Princess Sophia. We took her to The Pottery Place and painted a spider!

We went on a nature hike and did a scavenger hunt at Lake Vesuvius.

We went on a field trip to an apple Orchard. We learned how an apple grows, why apple trees are planted on hills, and how to pick an apple. We got to see how the apples are cleaned, sorted, packaged and stored. We went in a corn maze and learned the different ways farmers use corn. Afterwards we had cider slushies and carmel corn, YUM!

This month Zuri is off to the United Kingdom! So exciting. We kissed Zuri and packed her up this morning in her padded envelope. It will take Zuri about 10-14 days to travel from Ohio to the UK. Since her travel time is so long she will actually be visiting the UK for 2 months! Can't wait for our newest flat traveler friend to arrive and show him around that US. I just hope they don't get jet lagged to bad!

Check back as we add photos from our flat travel fun!

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