Wednesday, March 5, 2014

CTC Math review
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Struggling with Math?

Most often it's for this reason. Something has been missed or not understood earlier.

Since the rules and principles of math build on each other step-by-step, if some of these crucial building blocks are missing, then it's very tough for your kids to really understand math going forward. 

What happens then is the age-old problem.

Kids fall further and further behind until finally they convince themselves they're "no good at math."
But here's the good news...

This can change. And it can change for you and your kids without the pain normally associated with change.

Proven to Raise Grades Fast

CTCmath guides kids through math, lesson by lesson.
It allows them to pause, rewind and repeat all or part of any lesson until they get it.
  • Learn math at their own pace - no stress, no pressure
  • Pause, rewind or repeat a lesson until they really get it
  • Increases confidence in class
  • Catch up on lessons missed or concepts not fully understood
  • Preview lessons at home before school
  • Gain understanding and confidence especially in areas where they struggled before
  • Gives your kids the freedom to learn without stress at home in their own time
  • All results are recorded so that progress can easily be seen
  • Above all, this really does work!
Because math concepts build upon each other, sometimes it's necessary to go back and revise a particular concept before moving on to a new topic. 

By being able to review all lessons no matter what grade your kids are in, they get the chance (maybe for the first time ever) to finally understand math properly.

Which greatly lifts their confidence. Not just in math, but in themselves.

So no matter what grade your kids are in, this program helps. They can go back if they need to. Or even look ahead if they want.

Who Is It For?

All ages, K-6 students studying Pre-Algebra, Algebra I, Pre Calculus, Calculus, Algebra II, Geometry and Trig


Math has never been my strong suit, so when I was asked by the Educent teams if I wanted to try out CTCmath in exchange for an honest review, I was all over it. I decided I would use CTCmath with Poppy and Yang.  I started Poppy on Algebra I since she completed Pre-Algebra with K12 before Christmas break. Clearly Poppy is good at math so I'm really looking for something to actually challenge her at this point. Luckily I'm able to move her around as need be and I plan to move her up to Pre-Calculus next week to see how she does. 

I started Yang out on the third grade level.  She is pretty good at math but she likes things to move along and not spend 20 minutes doing the same type of problems. You start out each lesson with a short 3+ minute audio/video lesson which is followed by 10 online questions on the material just covered. If the student gets the answer wrong it gives them the correct answer, otherwise they will receive a green check. At the end students have the option to print off their score along with the test questions and their answers. If they did not master the concepts they are able to do the lesson again. 

The lessons are in depth so that the students can learn the materials but they are not long and drawn out so the student loses interest. Owlet has always had a hard time with math so once she gets done with her OGT testing at the end of next week I am going to try some lessons with her to hopefully get some missing concepts to click for her.

We are all looking forward to continuing to use CTCmath!

Disclosure: CTC Math was provided to me to try out and review. All thoughts & opinions are my own.

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