Saturday, May 4, 2013

War Memorial and Green Kids Crafts Projects

Sorry I haven't been around much. Things have just been insane ever since we got back from Florida. I had the injury to my back, allergies have been knocking us all down, hubby has been in the hospital, we are looking into moving and well, the weather has been to beautiful to stay inside. How has the weather been in your area? Has spring arrived yet?

My father severed in the Navy on the U.S.S. America, so last week after Yang's Occupational Therapy appointment, we stopped by a local war memorial.

As Yang and I walked around, we talked about the various branches of the military and their main purpose. We discussed the uses of the military vehicles that were displayed at the war memorial as well.

This week we will start researching U.S.S. America both through the internet as well as gaining some information from my father. I am most excited to find the location of the U.S.S. America since she was sunk in a controlled scuttling on May 14, 2005. As we learn about World War I, World War II, Korean War, and Vietnam, we will revisit the Greenup War Memorial to learn more about those that served our great country from our local area. 

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Almost 2 weeks ago we received our first Green Kids Crafts box in the mail, and just in time for Earth Day. Unfortunately, we haven't had the chance to do them all yet as things have been crazy. Allergies are not our friend around here and have really taken a toll on us all. Then hubby has been in the hospital. Sometimes I wonder if we will ever finish this school year!

Our box came packed with practically everything we would need for 3 crafts, including scissor, paint, soap and glue. 

The first project we did was the Paper Mache Earth. Of course with Yang's sensory issues we had to modify the way we added the pieces of tissue paper to our balloon. I poured the glue mixture into a bowl, set her balloon in another bowl and handed her a paint brush. She would dip the paint brush into the glue mixture and then "paint" the balloon. After she had some of the glue mixture on the balloon she would use the paint brush to pick up the tissue paper and dab it onto the balloon, and then "paint" over it again. Dad drew all the continents on the green tissue paper for us and then I cut them out. 

Next up from our Green Kids Crafts box - Wildflower Seed Paper Making Kit.

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And well, because my hubby's name is Luke.............

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