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Jodi Stone's Children's Book 'An Easter Bonnet For Lily' Book Blast, Review & Giveaway

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A few weeks ago I actually got the chance to chat with via email with Jodi Stone, and I was given the chance to review An Easter Bonnet for Lily. It was nice to see how much we had in common - like with both have 3 daughters and one of them shares the same name!

Yang and I really enjoyed An Easter Bonnet for Lily. What I enjoyed most was there was a life lesson to be learned. Yang says that she liked how Savannah helped Lily. I think Yang was really able to relate to Savannah, being the youngest herself, and often feeling left out. Poppy and Owlet spend time running around with their friends, going to the mall, movies and even helping out with the bigger chores around the house. Now, Yang does get to go places but with her separation anxiety there are very few people she will go with. She does have some chores around the house like feeding and watering the dogs and hamsters, spraying the hermits cage several times a day, vacuuming the living room and taking the clothes out the dryer but sometimes she wants to do more. Last week I began teaching her how to sort the clothes to be washed, and why we sort them, as well as loading the washer and starting it. Little by little, my little girl is growing up!

We definitely give An Easter Bonnet for Lily 2 thumbs up and highly recommend you purchase it below!


Easter is Savannah’s favorite holiday. She loves to dress up in her fanciest of dresses and bonnets, and enjoys all of the traditions her family continues year to year. Savannah finds herself struggling though on a day that she usually loves, and finds herself feeling discouraged. Across the land in Tulip, Easter Bunnies are preparing for the big day as well, all but one: Lily. Lily is the newest Easter Bunny recruit, but struggles with one major problem: her ears. Join both Savannah and Lily on this magical Easter adventure, where they will both realize that magic is held within your heart if you just believe.


Jodi Stone is a published children’s book author who currently holds seven books to her credit, with an eighth on the horizon. Her path as a published author and illustrator began with Solstice Publishing, but she has truly established herself as a writer since joining Anchor Group in the Fall of 2012. Her first title, Savannah’s Story was published in October, and the next book in the Stone Sisters series is set to release soon. Jodi has an English Degree from the University of South Florida, and is happily married with three beautiful daughters who just happen to be the characters in every book she writes. Jodi is currently working on establishing her own line of greeting cards and paper dolls as well.

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