Sunday, April 14, 2013

Kidds arrived today, and on Yang's 8th birthday!

A very dear friend of mine has been expecting kidds any day now. Yesterday she sends me a picture showing signs of labor in the very near future. I start jumping up and down like a little kidd inside! An hour later she goes out to check on her but before she leaves tells me, "I'd hate for you to come out and nothing happen." 20 minutes later she calls me and says, "I don't know if you can get here in time!" I hurry and grab my stuff and head out the door, the entire time telling Abby to wait until I get there. Well she certainly waited for me to get there, like 4 hours after I got there she finally had a little bucking and a little doeling, and on Yang's 8th birthday! When I finally got home, close to 2am, Yang was still awake (I'd say someone was just a little to excited to sleep) and was happy to hear the news.

The doeling is next to the stool and the buckling it towards the top of the picture.

As I said, today is Yang's 8th birthday! I feels like yesterday she was a little baby, or even a toddler. All my babies are growing up on me! :( Owlet will be 15 next month, and frequently reminds me how long it is before she can start driving. Poppy just turned 13 earlier this year as well. Sheesh, if I could just slow down time.

Today we spent the afternoon out at the lake since Yang received a fishing pole for her birthday. She didn't catch anything but we had lots of fun!

We grilled out hotdogs and had cake. Yang picked out an aqua frosting with fish sprinkles since she knew we would be heading to the lake.

In addition to the arrival of 2 new kidds and Yang's 8th birthday, we reached 200 facebook "likes" today! Tomorrow I will be announcing a giveaway to celebrate, as well as sharing a review of a very cute children's book called Fox and Rabbit's Garden (A Rabbit-less Stew) by Laurel Heger.

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