Sunday, December 16, 2012

Under the Weather

I haven't had much to post since Yang and I have been "under the weather" ever since we came home from my besties house.  I honestly don't think it is anything more than allergies from the change in weather but I am keeping a watchful eye since J-Bug tested positive for strep 2 days after we came home. We've just been watching TV & laying around and taking it easy. Luckily, I stocked up on some DVD's and 2 Play Away's for Yang from the library. One about the human body and the other about healthy habits. Play Away is a handheld system that comes pre-loaded with a short educational video. The company does offer them with TV shows such as My Little Pony, Caillou, Super Why, Sid the Science Kid and MANY others. I absolutely love them because they are small enough to toss in a bag or purse to watch in the car, doctors, store, etc. I've tried to keep TV watching to educational shows only during the day and whatever she would like in the evening so Owlet, Poppy & I can play Phase 10 (I'm addicted ever since Tamara and I played while we visited last week).

So what do you do when you or your little ones are not feeling well? Do you watch educational shows and talk about them. Say what the heck and don't worry about it? I'm not concerned with getting behind. Christmas break is coming soon and we can always work on things here and there to catch up.

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