Saturday, December 1, 2012

December Calendar of Events

Did you know that today is Rosa Parks Day? Or that December 1st - 7th is Tolerance Week?

Every month I receive a few different calendars that have a mix of daily educational, historical or just plain fun facts. One calendar that I receive from Apples 4 Teachers even has weekly and monthly observances listed. We don't do everything from all of the calendars, or even one, but instead pick and choose. Some months we not even complete one, and others we may do quite a few. Either way, it's interesting to look at all the different things that are going on, past or present. Sometimes just the sheer mention of a historical event is enough, depending on the age of the child. Does a pre-school or kindergarten aged child need to memorize when the state of Illinois was declared a state? No, but you can show them the location of Illinois on a map, print a picture of that state for them to color and perhaps find an interesting fact or two about the state to share. Sometimes we get overwhelmed with mastering a topic, or memorizing certain facts. I feel like exposure is just as important, and sometimes even more beneficial then throwing a hundred facts at them at once.

Here are a few calendars to check out:

Apples 4 Teachers
Homeschool Share ****UPDATE 12/2/12 I HAVE UPDATED THE LINK TO GO WITH THE 2012 CALENDAR****

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