Monday, November 12, 2012

Take 2!

It's been about 7 months since I decided to start a blog. I wrote our intro and that was about it. I really need to find an outlet to get my thoughts out, so here we go again.

When I left off last I had figured some things out about Yang's learning style and we were on a roll. My husband is concerned we made the wrong choice to remove her from public school and that she is going to be retained since she is no where near 100% in any of her subjects with the K12 curriculum. I reached out to her teacher who assured me that we would have already had this conversion if that was the case. That she will move onto 2nd grade and continue to work on her 1st grade curriculum until it is completed. We worked over the summer on a VERY relaxed schedule. When school started we attempted to go back to work for full swing. That didn't last long. I learned really quick that Poppy was not going to be able to work as independently as I had anticipated, hoped. What ever will we do? There is no way that I can stand on top of two students at the same time that are working on two different levels. So I devise a schedule alternating between the girls. Giving them assignments they can work on independently when I am working with the other. So far, so good!

While Anneliese has finished the 1st grade math, History, Language Arts & Science, we are only about 50% in Phonics. We've been working on some alternative methods of homeschooling and trying to see what works best for us. Come Christmas break I will be withdrawing Yang from K12 and doing our own thing.

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