Friday, June 28, 2013

Another Hospital Stay!

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This is Poppy just a week and a half ago when I took her to the ER. She was really faint, pale and just couldn't stay awake. Once in the ER she was immediately hooked up to an IV of fluids, they drew blood and began to monitor her blood pressure since it was 83/30 in triage. An hour or so later the doctor comes back in and says that her Hgb has dropped since her last lab workup and they'd like to admit her for observation at least overnight.

Although, Poppy was always my sick baby up until age one, this was her first hospital stay. She was diagnosed with asthma at 4 weeks and had RSV when she was  weeks old. At 9 months she got a bad case of bronchitis and was put on steroids. When she was 11 months old I was using the attachment on the vacuum to clean up the inside of Owlet's closet, she had spilled Chex-Mix in her toy box. I heard Poppy crawling down the hallway towards me but before I could get out of the closet she had knocked the vacuum over and grabbed the brush under the vacuum. She sustained some very bad burns to her hand that looked liked you had actually taken a melon baller to her fingers. Luckily, it did not do any serious damage, however she still has the scars from it.

They continued to monitor Poppy's blood pressure through the night and by morning there was no change, so the doctor scheduled her for an echocardiogram. Even though our hospital specialize in heart and vascular, they do not have a pediatric cardiologist and therefore had to send her echo off to be read.

By the next morning we had the test results back. She did in fact have mono, her hgb had dropped again, her echo came back fine, her BP was beginning to get close to normal again, she was able to stay awake with very few cat naps and she was getting her color back! Her nurse upon intake our first day said she looked like a totally different kid on the day we where released, and I gotta say I agree!

So while school may be out for summer there is certainly something new to learn everyday, and of course we turned this into an educational experience. While the girls know what an echo was, Owlet and Poppy had one when they were younger, we did research about the different types of echo. We researched hgb, mono and anemia. Poppy is certainly doing much better but we are taking it easy, getting lots of rest and fluids. 

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